00.1 Welcome and Getting Started


Welcome to The KNITSONIK System in which I share my creative process for translating everyday inspirations into stranded colourwork. This section of the course - 00: Welcome to The KNITSONIK System - is all about preparing you to make a great start. Here I'll tell you a bit about me and talk you through the Course Curriculum. You can also preview The Welcome Pack (which can be downloaded in the next section 00.1 Preparations).

I'm your tutor for this course - Felicity (Felix) Ford - and this is my favourite thing to teach. This course condenses a decade's experience of running this class as in-person workshops and a lifetime's experience of celebrating everyday life in knitting and sound, as a practicing artist. The result is an inspiring and comprehensive six-part online course. It is self-paced, so you can do it in your own time and fit the learning in around your schedule. As a rough guide on timings, course participants in 2020 took around six weeks to complete The KNITSONIK System. However, you can do it in whatever time frame suits you, and the content remains useful long after you've finished the course. Several 2020 graduates have contacted me to say they still revisit the first edition of the course and, even two years later, continue to find it useful and inspiring. Below are the different topics we'll be covering together in this creative adventure.

The Curriculum

01: Choose Your Inspiration Source

In this section we explore different starting points for your swatch and why we might best enjoy designing stranded colourwork when we have a special place, object or memory to use as a focus.

02: Pick Your Palette

Here, we examine different examples of putting together yarn palettes for stranded colourwork projects.

03: Make Charts from Everyday Life

This section is all about making charts for stranded colourwork through examining elements of everyday life; it's about looking at the world with knitterly eyes, and learning to parse its shapes and textures into the maths and syntax of knitted fabric.

04: Review & Revise

This section of the course is the beating heart of The KNITSONIK System - it’s where we learn to keep evaluating what we’re doing while we’re painting with our needles; it's a land of trial and error, glorious discoveries and learning to embrace mistakes; it's where we do most of our making, learning and designing. It's the palace of dreams!

05: Finish & Celebrate Your Swatch

Here, we talk about honouring the creative work we’ve done and finishing our swatch so it can be an informative resource for years to come.

06: Wear Your Work

In this final section of the adventure, having picked a palette, designed your own motifs, and tested them out in our swatches, we can now apply our ideas to a wearable memento of the process.

WELCOME! I can’t wait to see what you knit. 

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