03.1: Your Bullet Journal, Your Creative Toolkit

03: Bullet Journaling for Knitting, Crochet and Other Creative Projects

Welcome to Section 03 of the KNITSONIK Bullet Journaling Course.

Here's a quick overview of the content + tasks for this section for you to read through.

03.1 Watch the video below: 03.1: Your Bullet Journal, Your Creative Toolkit, for an overview and an introduction to this weeks' Course Tasks.

03.2 Course Task: Build Your Toolkit

03.3 Course Task: The Dot-Grid is Your Playground

03.4 Course Task: Creative Motivation

03.5 Optional Course Task: Fashion Drawings that Look Like You

03.6 Optional Course Task: Bullet Journaling for Stranded Colourwork

03.7 Wrapping Up 03: Bullet Journaling for Knitting, Crochet and Other Creative Projects

03.8 (Optional) upload images to Dropbox for inclusion in the Gallery of Progress!

ETA: The music for this has changed!

Originally when I put this out, I used an amazing piece of music called Unraveling Chords, by Monplaisir / Loyalty Freak Music; it includes sounds from the knitting machine workshop of Cecile Feilchenfeldt, and I loved its aural associations with MAKING! However, several students reached out to say the music was very distracting or unsettling and made it hard for you to hear/understand the video. In response, I've changed the music to something less obtrusive but, in case any of you are curious to hear some gorgeous makerly music which speaks to themes of knitterly production, I thought I'd link to the track here: https://chezmonplaisir.bandcamp.com/track/unraveling-chords where you can hear it without the distraction of me talking.

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